Knitters and Crocheters, it is time to begin your

camp colorwork adventure!

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Crafters, we're colorful and creative souls but we get

stuck in a shades of gray same stitch rut

•Unsure how to add color to a project in a unique way?

Zero pattern inspiration leads to losing crafters mojo?

•Time is too limited to learn something new?

  • You love COLOR but afraid to use it or unsure how.
  • You want more interesting stitches but you don't have anybody to teach you.
  • You want to learn more but have NO TIME to surf YouTube looking for quality instruction.

On a whim you decide to make a pattern that is creative & colorful...

but quickly realize,

the technique is foreign to you and you're lost without a clear direction.

Look for help online - end up disappointed

You reach out to others online who have made the pattern only to get radio silence, or worse yet, get even more unclear instructions which adds to your frustration and gets you no closer to a finished project you love.

no time to waste - but you're wasting time

You are on a deadline as this project is for a special occasion, or state fair, or to be added to your etsy shop to sell. You don't have time to waste on unhelpful tutorials or poorly written pattern. But that is all you find.

The struggle is real - Lose your mojo

The struggle to get help, the loss of time, and the lack of clear direction makes you lose your mojo.

Next thing you know, you're ready to frog the whole thing, and grab that gray cloud color yarn and make yet another simple stitch item.

Listen, we understand your struggles and we WANT TO HELP YOU

Let us be your camp counselors and TAKE AWAY THE OBSTACLES...

and guide you on a successful path to color & creativity ON THEIR OWN TIME...

You'll be prepped and ready to tackle the next CREATIVE & COLORFUL pattern with confidence.

Hi, we are Marly & Robyn

For more than 15 years we have been teaching people around the world about using color in their crochet and knitting.

Our combined experience as both designers and teachers allows us the unique perspective that you will not find anywhere else.

We have taught thousands of people how to become knitters and crocheters (or bicrafty) and have seen the struggles, the pitfalls, and the frustrations.

Our classes are developed to eliminate the confusion, our designs are made to inspire, and our patterns are written clearly.

Our goal is to help you find success and reach the top of the mountain with a smile.

Imagine your success with experts in your corner and

an entire facebook group of campers cheering you on!

Learn these Incredible TECHNIQUES,

to expand your knit & crochet

bag of tricks.

and We're only getting started!

everything you need in one CURATED course just for you.....


No more WASTED MONEY....


You deserve to use

all the colors of the rainbow 🌈

But the truth is: most don't know all the colorwork possibilities out there.

You don't know where to start

You try to Google but not sure what to search for. And the search results give you nothing that is helpful or inspiring.

Color on your shelves

The colorful yarn speaks to you at the store, but once you get it home it just collects dust because you don't know how to combine it with what you have.



You spend precious time searching on Ravelry and thumbing through your ‘go to’ books, only to feel overwhelmed and disappointed.

Get your hands, hooks and needles ready,

grab your bundles of yarn, and join us!




Crochet Video tutorials

✅ Reading Classic single crochet color charts

✅ Waistcoat stitch

✅ Corner to Corner

✅ Tunisian Color Charts

✅ Overlay Magical Mosaic

✅ Spike Stitch Mosaic

✅ Classic Crochet Mosaic

✅ Tunisian Mosaic

✅ Interlaced

✅ Interwoven

✅ Segmented Crochet

✅ Overlay Motifs

✅ Double Ended Hook Tunisian

✅ Textural Modified Catherine's Wheel

Knitting Video Tutorials

✅ Reading Colorwork Charts

✅ Two-Handed Stranded Knitting

✅ Duplicate Stitch

✅ Mosaic Knitting

✅ Shadow Mosaic Knitting

✅ Slip Stitch RIbbing

✅ Woven Slip Stitch Waves

✅ Butterfly Stitches

✅ Tuck Stitches

✅ Intarsia Basics

✅ Dual Color Cables

✅ 2 Color Brioche

✅ Helix knitting

✅ Slip Stitch Cables

Project Workshops

Quick gratification is key when learning something new. With that in mind, we designed 6 specific patterns with full video instructions for this camp. You can use the new techniques with the help you need and without a huge time commitment.

+ Bonus Content

If you know us at all, we like to provide everything you could possibly need to learn a skill, + some more. This is the extra we think will be helpful to you as you become experts. PLUS join the exclusive Facebook Group just for campers 🏕

+Bonus Patterns

Of course 6 patterns are not enough to whet your appetite! So we have provided pdf's or link to free patterns we know will provide more inspiration and another chance to use your skills.

This is also the gift of time since you don't have to search for patterns that work!

Learn color techniques + get patterns + be Inspired

⏰online & Available on your time

You are ready to make creative & colorful projects

and we are ready to,

TEACH YOU what you need with video tutorials & patterns!

What Are the class projects?


Somerset Garden hat

After learning how to read crochet colorwork charts and all the techniques you can use with them, you get to make the Somerset Garden waistcoat stitch hat. Crocheted from the bottom up, 3 colors are used to create a beautiful and unique motif around the body of the hat.

Pattern includes full video instruction and pdf download.


heartstrings socks

After learning how to read knit colorwork charts and two handed stranded knitting, you get to make this pair of forethought heel stranded knit socks.

New to knitting socks? Not a problem, Marly walks you through the full construction and how to fix problems in a 9 video lesson series.

Pattern includes full video instructions and pdf download.


Nebula Cowl

After learning more about mosaic crochet than you ever imagined existed, you will learn how to read the diagram for this unique one-of-a-kind stitch pattern and make the Nebula reversible mosaic cowl with negative space.

3 colors are used in a classic mosaic stitch pattern, and the border is finished with a candy cane mix of color that brings it all together.

Pattern includes full video instruction and pdf download.


Echo gloves

After learning how to read a variety of mosaic knit colorwork charts and how to knit 4 different forms of slip stitch mosaic knitting, you get to make this pair of ECHO mosaic knit gloves.

New to knitting gloves? Not a problem, Marly walks you through full construction and how to fix problems in a 7 video lesson series.

Pattern includes full video instructions, pdf download, and individual chart PNG's for download.


Tikal Slippers

Watching a project go from a flat fabric to a three dimensional object that will fit a foot is a pleasure all by itself. But mix that with a textural stitch pattern that also highlights the colors in a yarn and you have a pattern that will be a favorite.

The texture modified Catherine's Wheel stitch pattern is one that will take a classic stitch pattern and turn it into something really extraordinary. You can see just how great it looks in these Tikal Crochet Slippers.

Pattern includes full video instruction and pdf download.


Tell No One Hat

Time to try a unique way to combine colors in a striped fashion without a jog. Helix knitting is a technique that creates single-row stripes when knitting in the round when you have at least two different colors of yarn.

Couple that with a slip stitch technique (learned in mosaic knitting) and mix it with cables, and you have a hat pattern that will capture your attention and bring back your knitting mojo!

The Tell No One Hat pattern includes 4 full video instructions, pdf download, and individual chart PNG's for download.

Unsure how to make these items?

Tried & True Dependable Resource

All Patterns are professionally tech edited and tested, so you’re never left second guessing yourself in the middle of your project.

Tutorials To Keep You Crafting

Videos are available for class project patterns, so you’re never lost trying to decipher a more technical pattern on your own.

Not JUST A Written Pattern

We include diagrams, schematics, and charts, when applicable. So you’re able to fully understand the scope of your project and design before you get started.

Know What You’re Making So That You Can See How It Works Up

High quality images are included, so you can have an excellent visualization of what you're working on from start to finish.

All Designs Are Signed, Sealed, & Delivered By Yours Truly

This course is lovingly crafted by Marly and Robyn 💛

Learn ALL YOU NEED In Camp

Did we mention


🧐 Not sure you'll love it?

No worries!

We offer A Money Back GUARANTEE


We want you to be thrilled and feeling great about joining camp.

But if for whatever reason you’re not loving it — or having fun creating in the process — simply email us within 5 days of purchase and we’ll refund your money. No questions asked.

Ultimate Camp colorwork course

20 Technique Lessons with Instructional Videos + Workbooks (Valued at $100 per lesson)

➻ 6 New PDF Patterns designed specifically for this camp (Valued at $10 each)

➻ 6 Project Workshops with Instructional Videos (Valued at $100 each)

Bonus Content to better your overall skills (Valued at $100)

➻ 8 Bonus PDF Patterns (Valued at $10 each)

➻ Curated Collection of Inspirational Free Patterns (Value is immeasurable)

Exclusive Facebook Group for people only in camp (Value is immeasurable)

⏰ and everything is available ONLINE to work with YOUR TIME

Total Value = $2,840

Today's Low Price = $47

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Don't just trust us.

Look at what others are saying about


Just wanted to say again thank you so much Marly Bird and Robyn Chachula for all the work that was put into the Camp Colorwork course! I’ve had so much fun going to knit/crochet school! All of the bonus patterns and links in this course were awesome! You ladies rock! (This is my very very first ever knit hat! ❤️)

- Christine, newly Bicrafty camper

Camp Colorwork provides easy step-by-step instructions complete with videos on so many different techniques. Its filled with •class project patterns, •diagrams & charts to expand on the skills learned, •and bonus projects. The pace of the course is set by you! It's always available and learn at your own pace in whatever order you want.

- SAsha, Marly's Minion & Bird House REgular

I love learning new techniques and original patterns such as The Nebula Cowl. I'm 75 years old and have been knitting and crocheting for as long as I can remember. I like to challenge myself, Marly and her team have come up with patterns that require focus, concentration, and skill. If you want to create a crochet project that really stands out they you'll be happy with Camp Colorwork and other Marly Bird projects and events.

- Janet D., BiCrafty Happy Camper

Do you need to know more?

Crochet Lessons with closed-captioned videos

Knitting Lessons with closed-captioned videos

✓ Detailed Instructions to make

• Crochet Hat

• Knit Forethought Heel Socks

• Crochet Negative Space Cowl

• Knit Mosaic Gloves

• Crochet Slippers Flat to 3D

• Knit Helix Color Hat with Slip Stitch Cables

Organized content to help you save time

Curated Collection of Inspirational Free Patterns

Exclusive Facebook Group = ask questions and get answers!

⏰ and everything is available ONLINE to work with YOUR TIME

SAVE 98% Off The Total Value

Today's Low Price = $47

One-Time Fee || Instant Access

you're probably thinking...

(frequently asked questions)

⭐️ How do I get the course?

You will receive an email with login instructions for the MarlyBirdHouse. This is where Camp Colowork is located. Once you login, you be able to view the course.

⭐️ Where do I find the patterns in the course?

The patterns are linked as lessons inside the modules. To get the specific new course patterns, click 'view this module' with - class project next to the name. ❣️

⭐️ Can I purchase the patterns individually?

Certainly, but when purchased individually, the pattern doesn't include the video tutorials.

➻ Each individual pattern cost $10

⭐️ Can I purchase just the knit or just the crochet patterns? I don't do both.

We totally understand that everybody isn’t bicrafty. However, Marly has built a community of both knitters and crocheters and loves to provide products that everybody can enjoy. We are confident the amount of information will exceed any one crafter (and if you are BiCrafty then you hit the jackpot 🎰).

⭐️ Are the knitting and crochet lessons mixed? Will I be able to follow just knit or crochet?

You will be able to quickly identify which of the modules are knit and which are crochet. ➻ The thumbnail image and the text description of each module is labeled knit or crochet for your convenience.

📌Note that the class projects are also quickly identifiable.

⭐️ Is there a time limit on my access to the course?

Absolutely NOT. Having the freedom to take this course on your own time schedule is important to us.

Therefore, you can watch the lessons anytime you wish.

You have unlimited access to the course.

⭐️ How can I ask you questions about the course, lesson, or pattern?

This online course is so much better than taking one in person because you get to ask the teacher questions beyond the time in the classroom.

We have an exclusive facebook group just for campers in this course. It is called the Camp Colorwork - Campfire Chat 🏕

Get all your questions answered in a timely fashion and connect with others who love color as much as we do.

⭐️ Can a NEW knitter or a NEW crocheter take this course?

OMG, YES!!!! We ❤️ to share these techniques with all levels of cafters.

We teach in such a way that you will not only know how to do something but know why you are doing it.

There are no assumptions made about the skill level of the camper. We make sure to include all the information you need.

⭐️ Can I gift the course to someone?

That’s so sweet of you! You can totally purchase the course, have it sent to your email address and give it as a gift.

If you need help, the customer support team is here to lend you a hand. 💌

📌But remember, this is copyrighted material and cannot be shared without permission

Peak INSIDE Camp Colorwork

Camp Colorwork is Perfect for both knitters and crocheters.

learn color techniques, use patterns you'll love with yarn from your stash on your own time schedule from experts in the yarn industry.



What more can we say?

20 Technique Lessons with Instructional Videos + Workbook (Valued at $100 per lesson)

➻ 6 New PDF Patterns designed specifically for this camp (Valued at $10 each)

➻ 6 Project Workshops with Instructional Videos (Valued at $100 each)

Bonus Content to better your overall skills (Valued at $100)

➻ 8 Bonus PDF Patterns (Valued at $10 each)

➻ Curated Collection of Inspirational Free Patterns (Value is immeasurable))

Exclusive Facebook Group for people only in camp (Value is immeasurable)

⏰ and everything is available ONLINE to work with YOUR TIME

Total Value = $2,840

Join Camp for JUST = $47

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